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Woowooh Stars and Moons Minimalist Necklace -  -Woowooh
Woowooh Stars and Moons Minimalist Necklace -  -Woowooh
Woowooh Stars and Moons Minimalist Necklace -  -Woowooh
Woowooh Stars and Moons Minimalist Necklace - Golden -Woowooh
Woowooh Stars and Moons Minimalist Necklace - Silver -Woowooh
  • SKU: WOOMJ2203254-Silver

Woowooh Stars and Moons Minimalist Necklace


We aim to offer our customers wallet-friendly jewelry that is both beautiful and stylish. With us, you can wear the universe.

Simple and elegant, this necklace is a staple piece that every woman needs in her collection. Crafted from sterling silver ferry with a pure gold plating, this necklace features an atmospheric design that gives off an ultra-elegant look.

Item ID: Stars and Moons Minimalist Necklace

Material: S925 silver + electroplating pure gold

Color: Silver/ Golden

Size: Moon necklace length- 20inch

        Star necklace length-14inch

        Moon Pendant - 20 x 12mm 

        Star Pendant - 6.5mm


Due to factors such as lighting, angle and material reflection when shooting, the picture may be slightly different from the actual object.

About Fading and Jewelry Care: Our products are plated with real gold and do not harm the skin.

Please avoid wearing the same jewelry for a long time.

Water, sweat, and chemical components in cosmetics are easy to corrode the gold plating on the surface. After wearing, please wipe it with alcohol and seal it in a sealed bag to reduce contact with air. With careful care, jewelry can last as new.

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