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You only need to complete the following five steps to have your ShareASale account.

Step 1, click to enter the official website registration page:

Click to sign up for Shareasale Affiliate

The official website looks like this:

Step 2. Move the mouse to sign up on the upper left side, then a drop-down menu will appear, click the third affiliate sign up:


Step 3, follow the instructions to fill in your ShareASale account name and password, as well as your country, the information needs to be filled in truthfully:

Step 4. After the jump, you will enter the following interface, you need to fill in the URL of your personal website:

If you don't have a personal website, but have a social media account and a certain number of followers, you can also put your social media URL here.


Step 5, enter this interface after jumping, and fill in your commonly used email address. It should be reminded that if your e-mail suffix is your personal URL, the approval time will be much faster than third-party e-mails such as gmail.


Step 6, after jumping into the following interface, you need to fill in your personal information according to the instructions, including address, mobile phone number, etc.:


Step 7: Select the commission payment method:

It is recommended to select "choose later" here, and then click the green button below, "complete sign up".


Step 8: Agree to ShareASale's terms of use and submit your application:



Step 9, don't worry, it's not over yet, then the system asks you to go to the email address you just provided for confirmation.

Open your email and confirm the ShareASale email:


Step 10, congratulations, ShareASale registration is successful.

The approval time after registration is generally 24 to 72 hours.


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