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Woowooh Datura Flower Cork Yoga Mat
Woowooh Datura Flower Cork Yoga Mat
Woowooh Datura Flower Cork Yoga Mat
Woowooh Datura Flower Cork Yoga Mat
Woowooh Datura Flower Cork Yoga Mat
Woowooh Datura Flower Cork Yoga Mat
Woowooh Datura Flower Cork Yoga Mat
Woowooh Datura Flower Cork Yoga Mat
Woowooh Datura Flower Cork Yoga Mat
Woowooh Datura Flower Cork Yoga Mat
  • SKU: WOOYG-datura-1830mm • 610mm • 5mm

Woowooh Datura Flower Cork Yoga Mat


Our bestselling Cork Yoga Mat. Made from renewable cork + High-quality TPE. 100% biodegradable, including the packaging. Trees planted for every piece. Carbon neutral + planet kind. Designed to support your body and our planet.



    Completely recyclable and bio-degradable, Woowooh’s cork is harvested from the cork tree’s bark, which regenerates and leaves the tree unharmed.

    This process also removes carbon dioxide from the air – the primary greenhouse gas causing climate change.

    The cork and TPE foam base in our eco-friendly yoga mat are zero-waste, fully recyclable materials. Our cork is 100% natural and organic.


      While most standard yoga mats contain dangerous toxins and chemicals that seep into your skin, cork is entirely non-toxic, organic and all-natural.

      This means zero sketchy PVC, plasticizers and other harmful materials.

      Long-term exposure to standard yoga mats can lead to a serious health risk. With cork, you can now be rest assured your yoga mat is 100% safe.

      ✅100% NON-SLIP YOGA MAT

        Cork not only offers incredible grip when it’s dry, but the grip actually increases when moisture is added. It’s similar to licking your finger to grip a piece of paper.

        That’s right – no more towels needed for hot yoga.

        To maximize your grip, simply spray a little bit of water on the area of your hands and feet.


          Only 2.8 pounds?

          That’s right. While most yoga mats weight between 4-6 pounds, the Pureful cork yoga mat is super light – making it easy to roll up and carry around.

          The cork on our yoga mat is surprisingly flexible and can be stretched and compressed without risk of damage. It’s the beauty of cork!


              With 5mm of cork + TPE foam (which still upholds our non-toxic, odorless, eco-friendly promise), you’ll have great support throughout your entire routine.

              Your wrists won’t “slump” into your mat and you’ll have firm support in your poses, with the comfort and smooth surface needed for a pleasant yoga session. 


                  Woowooh’s cork yoga mat is completely antibacterial. No more need for cleaning sprays and no more smelly mats!

                  Due to the all-natural substance called suberin, cork naturally repels small particles and resists toxin absorption.

                  And since cork also repels water, mold and mildew will not form on your Woowooh cork yoga mat. Say goodbye to smelly mats.

                    ✅ DURABLE

                      Built and constructed to last 1-2 years (with regular use), you won’t have to worry about your favorite cork yoga mat giving out any time soon.While most yoga mats last around 8-12 months, cork has a strong, closed-cell molecular structure that remains in tact longer than materials used for standard yoga mats.

                        ✅ BEAUTIFUL AND ELEGANT  

                          The icing on top?

                          A beautiful, graceful appearance that emanates and glows in any room.

                          Whether it’s your home, a yoga studio, or in nature, the Woowooh cork elegance will add to the tranquility of your practice.


                          SIZE: 1830mm*610/660mm*5/6mm | 2.8 lbs

                          Material: renewable cork + High-quality TPE

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